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Purpose of the plan:

Every year, a large number of waste household appliances are scrapped, which contain a large amount of recyclable resources such as metals and plastics. However, the composition of waste household appliances is relatively complex and recycling is not easy. Therefore, Sen Hongyu has designed a complete recycling plan for household appliance crushing materials through consideration and research of waste household appliance crushing materials and customer feedback, selecting metal, plastic and other resources from the waste household appliance crushing materials one by one.

Overview of the plan:

This plan mainly focuses on the purification of metals and plastics in household appliance crushing materials, and can be divided into two parts: metal separation and plastic separation.

The metal sorting in the upper part needs to first carry out impurity removal, removing light floating objects and large pieces of garbage, and then separate the iron, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals through various selection equipment;

In the lower part, the plastic mixture separated from the metal will be washed with water, and then the silicone rubber and wood will be removed to further increase purity. Afterwards, clean plastic can be separated in terms of material and color according to requirements.