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Eddy current sorting machine can remove impurities from waste non-ferrous metals
2024-04-16 Company News reading

Aluminum alloy has good thermal insulation performance, hollow structure noise reduction and sound insulation, waterproofing, lightweight and sturdy, and fire resistance. More and more decoration users prefer to choose bridge cut aluminum alloy decoration, which also promotes the development of the bridge cut aluminum industry. The problem of recycling and processing the dismantling materials of aluminum alloy doors and windows from discarded and broken bridge aluminum scraps has also arisen. The broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting machine we produce can solve the problem of recycling various broken bridge aluminum waste materials.


The dismantling material of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows contains many other impurities such as sealant strips. If it is directly crushed, it is not conducive to the aluminum smelting in the furnace. The traditional processing method is to hire a large number of manual stripping and sorting before the furnace is returned, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources, but the sorting effect is not ideal. Nowadays, eddy current sorting machines can effectively address these issues.

The eddy current sorting machine has excellent sorting effect on various non-ferrous metals, strong adaptability, reliable mechanical structure, strong repulsion (adjustable), and high sorting efficiency. It is mainly used for the separation of various non-ferrous metals such as household waste, industrial waste, electronic waste treatment, waste broken bridge aluminum, broken bridge aluminum scraps, aluminum alloy door and window dismantling materials, etc. It is widely used in environmental protection fields such as garbage treatment, waste electrical appliance recycling, and material treatment in the non-ferrous metal processing industry.

The more uniform the size of the materials sorted by the eddy current separator, the more favorable it is for sorting. If the materials are of different sizes, it is best to pre select them in advance. Materials of similar sizes can be sorted separately for better results.